Can I get a free 15 minute consultation before booking a session?

A free meet-and-greet is a great option if you'd like to connect with a therapist to get a sense of their fit and approach.

Trying out therapy or finding a new therapist can be daunting.

As folks try their best to adapt to hard and trying times, many are considering mental health supports like psychotherapy for the first time or are coming back to therapy after a break. 

To make this transition a bit easier, Shift offers free 15-minute consultations (or Meet and Greets, as we call them) so that you have an opportunity to find a therapist that fits you and your needs. During the Meet and Greet, it is your opportunity to to share a bit about yourself and what is bringing you to therapy in addition to asking important questions of your potential therapist. 

Though there is no formal limit on the number of meet-and-greets you can book, we strongly suggest that you limit it to two or three. This is because of the paradox of choice! When we connect with too many therapists, this can lead to feelings of overwhelm - which is why we have our Care team!

If you’d like to be matched with a therapist, please complete this matching questionnaire! This will help us make a good recommendation for you. 

Booking a meet-and-greet is not required to start therapy. If you are comfortable with a therapist profile, or would like to start therapy right away, you are more than welcome to book a full paid initial assessment right off the bat, too!

You can also send us an email directly at, or give us a call at 1 (800) 661-8681 if you have any questions.