Do you offer direct billing to insurance?

Unlike going to the dentist or getting a prescription, therapy practices are generally unable to bill insurance providers directly. This isn’t for lack of trying — it’s because of awkward, dated regulations that are common in most Canadian provinces.

At this time, Shift Collab does not offer the optional service of direct billing.

Without getting into too many details, direct billing is a very complicated process from the administrative side, which we do not have the means to set up effectively. In addition, oftentimes, if direct billing is offered, the cost of treatment will likely increase as well, due to all the moving parts involved. Our mission here at Shift is to ensure that therapy is as accessible as possible, which means sacrificing direct billing to keep standard therapy rates low.

Not to worry, if you have extended health benefits, you are still able to take advantage of your perks! At our clinic, we provide an automatic email receipt to you as soon as payment has been made for your session. It includes all the information on it that you’ll need to claim your session with your insurer. Benefits companies like Manulife, for example, typically reimburse you within several business days. 


When in doubt, always ask questions! Most insurers have a 24-hour phone line that you can call to clarify something if you’re unsure about the fine print. They’ll be happy to assist you as long as it’s before the day of your appointment. 


Remember: if you find out your insurer does not cover a service that already happened, you are on the hook to pay for it!


Feel free to reach out to our Care team if you have further questions. You can send them an email at, or give them a call at 1 (800) 661-8681!