Is a psychotherapy intern qualified?

Interns are constantly learning the most up-to-date techniques and theories, and are closely supervised by fully licensed therapists!

A psychotherapy intern is currently in training. This means they are in the midst of completing either a Master of Social Work, or a Master of Counselling Psychology from an Accredited University.

A psychotherapy intern is in the process of completing their final program requirement - the practicum component! They may still be in school, or they may have graduated, but it takes time to meet all the criteria required by most licensing and/or registration boards. This means they have the requisite coursework, and recommendations from professors, while continuing their education in a practical setting for an opportunity to apply their knowledge. 

Psychotherapy interns work with an experienced therapist as their supervisor, and have ongoing support from their program advisors and professors. On that note, when working with a psychotherapy intern, their supervisor’s information will be included on the receipt. So for insurance purposes, you’d be able to submit a claim under the intern's supervisor's name. 

Psychotherapy interns often offer a sliding scale rate. This means that they may offer a price point that fits into your budget a little better! 

As part of Shift’s Core Values, we advocate for teaching the next generation and offer an opportunity for graduate level students to skill up and work with leading professionals in the mental health field. If you’d like to learn more about this, click HERE! Practicum placements do come to an end. This means that a psychotherapy intern may or may not leave the Shift practice once their practicum is fulfilled.

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Psychotherapy interns are available on occasion. If you are interested in booking with an Intern, please reach out to the Care team for availability!