Can I have my parents pay for my session?

You can have your parents, or anyone else pay for your sessions, as long as you sign a Consent to Disclose form!

In order for another person to pay for your sessions, the Care team must be able to communicate with them about billing. It is important to note that we cannot do so until we have a signed Consent to Disclose form on file. Regardless of your age, the form should be completed by you, and sent back to us by you.

Once we have your signed Consent to Disclose form on file, we can then organize having someone else pay for your sessions.

If your parents require the receipts for your sessions, we can also have this set up for you. We would still require you to sign a Consent to Disclose form, and we can ensure that the receipts are sent to them each time. On the other hand, you are also more than welcome to forward the receipts to them yourself! 

If the person paying for your sessions wishes to only pay a set amount, they are also welcome to purchase a gift card to be used as a credit to your account. To do this they can contact the Care Team!
As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Care Team for support. We typically answer within 24 hours, and you can contact us at, or by calling 1 (800) 661-8681.